Science Behind Learning A Second Language





Science show us that we all have a preference for learning new things. Some of us are visual learners others learn by doing.

Learning Styles

 Out of Howard Gardner’s seven different intelligences, I have chosen to limit my company to only three: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. Teachers must learn to incorporate all learning styles into their education in order to improve the education system.


“A mismatch in teaching and learning styles has been linked to poor academic performance and negative attitudes toward education,” showing that teachers in every school must convey their information through different means of teaching (Leopold).


If a student does not see the information being presented in a way that is beneficial and helpful for them, the student loses interest and begins to fall behind in the learning process. However, the students whose learning style the teacher uses succeeds in the classroom.



This is a problem is because teachers tend to instruct in ways that they would like to learn the material, not necessarily in a way that will benefit a large majority of the classroom, let alone all of the students (Leopold). Teachers, therefore, only allow students who share their learning techniques to flourish, causing many others to not have the same opportunities for success. Teachers have thus been encouraged to incorporate all the different learning styles within their curriculum, allowing all students to learn his or her own way.




Author: Ryan Skolnick

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