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Learning Styles



It has long been known that different people learn things in different ways. You may hear pao0ple say that they learn more by doing, or they retain more if something is shown to them. When you learn in a specificity way it is called a learning style.  The learning style is a person's natural pattern of learning or their habitual process of learning.  There are 7 different types of learning.  The following is a short overview.


Learning Styles:

  • Visual
  • Aural
  • Verbal
  • Physical
  • Logical
  • Social
  • Solitary



























Author: Ryan Skolnick  Copyright @ 2015

In addition to learning styles, teachers are now using neurobiology and even psychology to understand the best way to teach students.


We are now learning that each of our brains hemisphere's are responsible for imparting information. Some students may process information better from the "right" or "left" brain.


This proves that learning a second language effectively increases children's testing scores, leading to better opportunities within their lifetimes.


A post from WebMD validates this claim, mentioning how bilingual people have more gray matter than monolinguals, citing a study conducted by London’s Wellcome Department of Imaging and Neuroscience (Hitti).


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